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Rock n Nor/Review.- A few months ago I interviewed the Italian singer Mariangela Demurtas and she told us about her roots, but also about her project called “Dark Ability”, detailing her as “resilience and the will to accept what life brings”.

It is an EP, produced and recorded at Lisbon, Portugal, in the form of an independent release, in which all the instruments and her voice envelop us with the musical atmosphere throughout more than 18 minutes.

Demurtas is the lead singer of the Norwegian Gothic Metal band Tristania and is the author of her own musical destiny, both as a solo artist under her own name and with the Ardours project.

She has also been seen collaborating with metal greats, such as Moonspell and Timo Tolkki’s Avalon.

Her work opens with the song “City”, which in fact is the first peaceful song that we had to listen to, to the beat of a piano, spiced up with the rest of the instruments and choirs, with a lulling voice.

The piano intro followed by her phrases in a very intimate tone, show us from the beginning how pasionate and personal this song can be.

We had to listen to talk, but Mariangela had already anticipated: this EP is going to project her personal feelings. I think she was not wrong and with what would also be her first single from this mini album.

It is followed by “Classic”, with an orchestral rhythm and very sublime because, again, it is her characteristic vocal tone that shows us that personal plane that she surely wanted and managed to project.

In “Crossing Time” Mariangela Demurtas raises her melodic inspiration and without losing style or neglecting the orchestral composition, she takes us to another rhythm. Good change .

Suddenly “Forgiverance” arrives, with another atmosphere that returns to melancholy but with great arrangements and very good composition that shows the experience of more than 15 years of career.

Mariangela, if you read this, we will tell you in all its lyrics: You were right, this work conveyed many of your emotions to us, both in lyrics and in magnificent compositions.

One of the best we’ve heard in 2021. It was worth the wait.


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